First Fridays

Downtown Bryan hosts First Fridays and Hidden Oasis Carriage Company is there to show you the sights!


  1. Bill Harper

    Do you take reservations for downtown rides?

    • Hi Bill,
      Thank you for your comment! :) We only take reservations for Valentine’s weekend. First Fridays are first come, first serve. I have tried to do reservations, but then people get upset when they didn’t know about reservations, etc. So, I found it to just be easier to not do reservations so everyone feels equal and no one is upset. If we get a big crowd, then I will take names and phone numbers and we will text message or call you about 15 minutes before your ride time. The LaSalle has a great bar with live music and many people opt to wait inside and watch for the carriage. Hopefully we will see you on April 1st. The carriage will be there from 6-10pm starting at the LaSalle Hotel in Downtown Bryan. Thank you! Please let me know if you have any other questions.

  2. Brandy Pruiett

    Do you have gift certificates? Would love to give this as a gift that can be used downtown at their convenience.

    • Hi Brandy,
      Yes, we do offer gift certificates. I will email you with the details. Thank you so much!!

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